Brian Stelter’s doing his damnedest to outrun the crumbling Jussie Smollett narrative, but it’s hard for him to get far when he keeps tripping all over himself and CNN.

But Stelter’s so busy with all his frantic wagon-circling, he doesn’t seem to have realized that he got himself into this mess. Maybe tweeter Kebeh Nayyeh can help him understand where it all went to wrong:

Eh, who’re we kidding? This is Brian Stelter we’re dealing with. Introspection isn’t really on the menu.

Oh, a progressive and a libertarian? In that case, someone get Brian a cookie!

In fairness, Brian Stelter spends most of his free time navel gazing, so it’s probably a lot to ask of him to pay attention to legitimate journalism when it’s actually being practiced.

It shouldn’t be difficult, Brian.

All signs point to no.