American Conservative journalist Rod Dreher recently attempted to post his piece dissecting the crumbling Jussie Smollett “hate crime” narrative on Facebook. Here’s what happened:

If you take the time to read Dreher’s piece, you won’t find anything that seems like it would violate any community standards. Unless Facebook’s community standards include not exposing liberal media, celebs, and politicians for their roles in perpetuating what will, in all likelihood, ultimately be proven to be a hoax.

For what it’s worth, Matt Yglesias also attempted to share a story on Smollett’s case unraveling to his own Facebook page and didn’t have any issues:

So maybe Facebook only has a problem with stories on Smollett written from a conservative perspective. As PJ Media reports, Dreher wasn’t the only conservative journalist whose Smollett articles rubbed Facebook the wrong way:

Now, as Dreher later noted, Facebook eventually allowed him to post his article:

But the fact that they prevented him from posting it in the first place still doesn’t reflect well on them.

If Facebook wants to censor conservative-produced content, that’s their prerogative. But they should at the very least be upfront about it instead of hiding behind a mask of openness.