In case you missed it, Vice President Mike Pence recently called out Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar for her latest anti-Semitic remarks:

CNN congressional reporter Elizabeth Landers asked Nancy Pelosi for her thoughts on the matter. Here’s what Pelosi had to say:

OK, so first of all, that response undermines Pelosi’s earlier statement condemning Omar’s remarks.

And second of all, she’s lying through her teeth.

Indeed. The day after the rally in question, Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway denounced the lone attendee who chanted “Jew-S-A,” saying “His conduct is completely unacceptable and does not reflect our campaign or our candidate.” Trump campaign spokeswoman Hope Hicks also condemned the anti-Semitic chant:

Pants on fire, Nancy.


The Trump campaign and administration, like any campaign or administration, should be held accountable for what they’ve said and done, but to compare a random rally attendee with a sitting Democratic and anti-Semitic member of Congress — especially considering that the Trump campaign did, in fact, denounce this instance of anti-Semitism — is disingenuous and low. In other words, par for the Nancy Pelosi course.





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