Good news, everyone! Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar is taking her anti-Semitic show on the road:

You don’t say! More:

Islamic Relief USA is hosting a fundraising dinner for aid to Yemen on February 23. Rep. Ilhan Omar is due to speak alongside senior Islamic Relief USA official Yousef Abdallah, who was widely criticized in 2017 after the Middle East Forum found he had expressed violently anti-Semitic ideas on his social media accounts.

Abdallah, who serves as Islamic Relief USA’s “operations manager,” shared a “very beautiful” story about “martyrs” who provide guns to “kill more than 20 jews” and “fire rockets at Tel Aviv.”

Other posts referred to Jews as “stinking,” and claim “the Jews put the outside wall of Al Aqsa [the mosque in Jerusalem] on fire.” Abdallah also ‘liked’ a comment on his Facebook post that calls on God to wreak “revenge on the damned rapists Zionists. O God they are no challenge for you . Shake the Earth beneath their feet and destroy them as you destroyed the peoples of ʿĀd, Thamud and Lot.”

Seems like a hell of a guy. No wonder Omar wants to hang out with him.

An absolute disgrace — and Democrats and the Left own it. They united behind her and swept her into office and now they have to live with the monster they helped create.

It was never just about criticism of Israel; it was about hating Jews. That’s all it’s ever been about.

Sure they will. Just as soon as they’ve thoroughly covered Omar’s own excitement.

So very exciting.



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