As Twitchy told you, after Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez got busted for lying about her now-infamously awful Green New Deal FAQ, the Washington Post Fact Checker awarded her zero Pinocchios over the “kerfuffle” because Ocasio-Cortez “disowned the FAQ and the statements that went beyond the resolution.”

Well, just in case you didn’t think the WaPo could look any worse, take a look at fact checker Sal Rizzo’s explanation for the decision to let AOC off the hook:

We’re actually thinking the bottom line is more like this: The Washington Post Fact Checker, much like AOC herself, is a joke.

Sure they can. Especially since finding new ways to make Democrats’ incompetence about Donald Trump requires so much heavy lifting. That’s really done wonders for their biceps.

They can’t help themselves.

Solid B+.