Wow, guys. Did you hear? Dana Loesch had the gall to defend the rights of the unborn while being an NRA spokeswoman. For George Takei, that’s irrefutable proof that she’s a flaming hypocrite when it comes to life:

The piece Takei is promoting kicks off like so:

Dana Loesch, who we suspect of actually being the Loch Ness monster in disguise, strikes again.

Loesch, who is a far-right conservative commentator and spokesperson for the NRA, has a reputation for saying things that are both horrid and untrue.

Quality stuff, righ there. It goes on to try to make the case that Loesch is somehow not really pro-life, using tweets calling her pro-murder and pro-forced-birth as evidence. Really, though, all the evidence only points to Takei and lefty pro-aborts and gun-grabbers as the true hypocrites. They claim to care about children yet advocated for state-sanctioned murder of the unborn and for policies that will make it harder to defend children from school shooters or for parents to defend their children from armed home invaders.

That’s nice of you to say, but as we’ve seen time and time again, George Takei really isn’t “better than this.” He always hits below the belt; unfortunately for him, he winds up being the one who ends up getting hurt.

So George Takei et al. can just go ahead and set their phasers to “take a seat.”

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