And you thought Donald Trump got under Democrats’ skin … turns out he had nothin’ on Howard Schultz!

Schultz has only been publicly considering a presidential run for a few days and liberals are already calling for his head. Obama bro Jon Favreau, for one, can’t understand how Schultz can even think about mounting an independent bid:

Yeah, what gives Schultz the right to run as an independent candidate? Shouldn’t he have to clear it with Jon first?

That’s what it sounds like.

Essentially that’s what this boils down to. Far-leftist tools like Favreau don’t like it when someone threatens to undermine their stranglehold on the Democratic Party.

Howard Schultz — like any potential candidate — is free to run under any political banner he chooses. That’s America for you, and if you don’t like it, Jon, feel free to take your business elsewhere. Lord knows there are other countries that don’t take kindly to more than one political party.

He doesn’t. Though if we’re just asking questions here, how about an answer for this one?