Honestly, at this point, we’re not sure why anyone would want to go into the bakery business. Bakers are basically walking targets for SJWs now.

Check out what’s happening to one Washington State baker who had the temerity to make some tongue-in-cheek “Build That Wall” cookies for Valentine’s Day:


KING-TV reports that Ken Bellingham, who owns Edmonds Bakery, has gotten phone calls from frustrated customers about the heart-shaped cookie with “Build that Wall” in frosting letters.

The cookie was one of several decorated with messages such as “Addicted to Love” and “Cool Beans.” Bellingham says the cookie was a joke and not meant as a political statement.

Bellingham says someone taped a sign to the shop calling for a boycott.

Stories like this are proof that things can always get stupider.

What would some people do with themselves if they couldn’t find something to be outraged about?

Who cares if he endorses it? It’s a damn cookie.

Whatever happened to just not buying something if you don’t like it?

What a novel idea.