OK, we seriously wish we had access to Beto O’Rourke’s journal entries for this:

Here’s the video, via Mother Jones:


Well, yeah. Obviously.


“Our persona was that we were a very famous band from New Zealand and we didn’t want people to know our true identities—that’s why we wore masks,” Ailbhe Cormack, the band’s bassist, tells Mother Jones. “I think people followed along with the mystery of it, but they knew who we were.”

The costumes varied. Aisling Cormack, on the audience’s left, dressed as a nun and played keyboard; Arlo Klahr, a former bandmate from Foss, played lead guitar; Joey Cazares, wearing a bunny mask rather than a sheep’s head, played drums. Ailbhe Cormack is on the far right. As of Wednesday, the video of this performance—which included a rendition of the Ramones’ “Blitzkrieg Bop”—had 53 views on YouTube.

The Sheeps had a short run. The band played three shows around El Paso between 2003 and 2004, “just for a lark,” according to Cormack. The group never toured. At its final show, in 2004, at a local club called the T-Lounge, band members wore brown paper bags over their heads—because some members had lost their sheep masks.

So much to unpack here.


Those must’ve been some sweet licks, Beto.

At least he’ll have one constituency he can count on.

Who’s responsible for this getting out?

Inquiring minds wanna know.


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