The Covington Catholic cluster has really brought out the best in Kathy Griffin.

Over the weekend, she suggested that her followers harass and dox the Covington students. And today, she did this:

Can’t see the photo? That’s because she deleted it. Fortunately, we grabbed a screenshot for you:

Detective Kathy Griffin has done it again!

Hey, why are you laughing? This is super-serious, you guys.

Kathy doesn’t realize it, but she’s just exposed the entire NBA as a Nazi cult.

Well, gee. That’s awkward.



Even Chris Hayes is calling her out (mostly):

If we’ve learned one thing from this, it’s that Kathy Griffin is capable of shame. Not over sliming the Covington kids, of course, but over her unfamiliarity with basketball.

Probably her best bet at this point. And speaking of best bets:

Dear Lord, we hope so.