Despite leftist trolls’ wishes and best efforts, new footage and information are vindicating the Covington Catholic students — and making Nathan Phillips look more and more like a genuinely horrible person.

In addition to lying about his military service, it’s quite clear that Phillips has been lying about his encounter with the young men.

And this new report from the Catholic News Agency suggests that Phillips has a real beef with the Catholic Church:

More from the Catholic News Agency:

A source close to the shrine’s leadership corroborated the security guard’s account, telling CNA that during the Mass, Phillips and the group tried to enter the church while playing drums and chanting, and were prohibited from entering the building by security personnel, who locked the main basilica doors with the congregation still inside.

Video footage showed one supporter saying that the group had gathered at the shrine to listen to Phillips, and to hold the Catholic Church “accountable” for the alleged actions of the Covington Catholic students and for the “colonial violence that the Catholic Church reproduces every day.”

A photograph attached to the post shows Phillips addressing the group outside the shrine.

So screwing with Catholics is just part of Phillips’ schtick?

This sort of thing would’ve been nice to know about a few days ago …

It really is baffling.

Meanwhile, seems like maybe the Lefty Tolerance Brigade made a mistake uniting behind Nathan Phillips.

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