Last Friday, Laura Ingraham tweeted this photo of young pro-lifers at the March for Life:

It took her a few days, but Soledad O’Brien is busting Ingraham for proving that the pro-life movement has no room for women or girls. Or something:

Wow. You sure pwned her, Soledad! Or … not.

Need some help there, Soledad? Here you go:

Oh well, Soledad. You tried!

Unfortunately, given her history, it seems Soledad O’Brien’s not in any rush to learn from her mistakes and make herself less ignorant. Not as long as she’s got a narrative to push — and a steady supply of sheep who will swallow it even in the face of evidence that disproves it:

How depressing.

And there’s the problem in a nutshell: If young pro-life women contradict the pro-abort narrative, they might as well not exist.



What a surprise! Jill Filipovic is pushing the same narrative as Soledad O’Brien:

Because nothing screams “feminist empowerment” more than pretending countless girls and women don’t exist.