John Kasich wants to be the anti-Trump. The Republican that liberals can love. But he may not be so lovable after all.

Writer-actress-comedienne Julie Klausner had a run-in with Kasich today, and based on her account of what happened, liberals may want to rethink their affinity for the Good Republican.

Dead. We’re dead.

Actually, if “bodily autonomy” is referring to abortion, don’t worry about that: John Kasich is totally fine with that. But we get your point.

What a jackass.

But it’s the kind of leadership you can expect with John “Man of the People” Kasich. He loves the people — until they get in his way.



Gotta get this solid burn in here:




Here’s some photographic evidence of Kasich’s douchebaggery:

Well, at least he’s comfortable.