As Twitchy told you, ThinkProgress’ Zack Ford bemoaned the death of “a 19-year-old would-be mugger” who was shot and killed by an armed woman exercising her right to self-defense:


Dana Loesch — and many, many others — have rightly been taking Ford to the woodshed over that mind-numbingly horrible take. Ford’s been trying to practice some self-defense of his own by attempting to justify his garbage position:

Actually, it’s not only a sufficient argument; it’s a damn good one.

That’s evidently exactly what we’re looking at here. Because Ford deleted his initial tweet as well as some of his attempts to justify the initial tweet. And now, he’s attempting to dig his way out of that massive grave he landed himself in:

Mind if we stop you right there, Zack?

Seriously. If that wasn’t his intention, he really could’ve fooled us.

Moving on:

Well, that’s something, at least. Better than nothing. But not great.

Does Ford honestly believe that Second Amendment advocates don’t also want a world with less gun violence? Because that’s not only wrong; it’s downright insulting.

Exactly. Still, good on Ford for at least suggesting that he jumped the gun, so to speak. His walkback was far from perfect, but many others in his position likely wouldn’t’ve even done that.

Of course, meanwhile, this remains Ford’s pinned tweet:

So maybe take his mea culpa with several grains of salt.