We normally don’t write posts focused on someone no one has ever heard of, but every once in a while, somebody comes along who writes something so amazing, so mind-blowing, we just can’t ignore it.

This is one of those times.

Lest you think that’s a Photoshop, it’s not. Ladies and gentlemen, meet April Daniels:

“Nonconsensual puberty,” huh? That’s definitely a new one.

It’s such an advanced concept that no one ever knew about it before April pointed it out.

Or maybe they’re just fascinated that there’s someone out there who thinks that “nonconsensual puberty” is a thing.

It is … but it isn’t. Because as mind-numbingly stupid as this all is, we now know that there’s at least one person in this world who’s outraged by an “advanced concept” that doesn’t actually exist.

It’s not logical. That much is for sure.

What an annoying time to be alive.

Hey, why not?