As Twitchy told you earlier, Jim Acosta once again made a colossal ass of himself when he attempted to prove that the southern border is “all quiet” and not nearly dangerous enough to warrant a wall … in front of a long stretch of border wall.

Now, self-awareness and shame would dictate that he slink away and go into hiding for a while. But Jim Acosta doesn’t possess either of those things. Which is why he decided to double down:

Jim. Jim. Did you not just finish declaring “the McAllen TX area of the border” — where you said the steel slats are located — not a “national emergency situation”? Do you not see why McAllen-area residents might feel like things are “very safe” there?

Great question!

Really great stuff, as always.

He’s just so very, very bad at this. If Jim Acosta didn’t already exist, we’d have to invent him.

He’ll apparently never feel silly enough to pack it in. Which is unfortunate for him, because the longer he sticks around, the worse he looks:

The case for border barriers is looking pretty sound right about now.



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