Over the weekend, the Intercept reported on a new Senate bill that would stand with Israel in defiance of the anti-Semitic BDS movement:

Bernie Sanders wasn’t exactly thrilled about it:

Lead sponsor Marco Rubio pushed back against Sanders’ condemnation:

But for what it’s worth, New Democratic Rep. Rashida Tlaib was pretty pissed about the bill as well, and she let her followers know about it:

Did you catch that? Marco Rubio did:

“They forget what country they represent.” Real subtle, Rashida.

We can’t help but wonder: Where’s the outcry from the usual dog-whistle experts?

Isn’t there an anti-Semitism dog around here?

Funny, that.

Probably still recovering from the holidays or something.

Meanwhile, if Tlaib really wants to raise doubts about commitment to upholding American values, she should probably put those stones down first: