The Left has been trying so hard to make Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez a thing, but so far, we’re not convinced. Not even after Nate Silver explained to us that we’re too hung up on “her race and gender” to see her amazing awesomeness and potential.

But maybe Vox and Matt Yglesias can help us finally see the light of AOC’s halo:

We’ve gotta say, Matt Yglesias makes a pretty strong argument for President Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Because what you may not have realized about her is that she’s got a nickname and everything!

No, seriously:

One good sign that AOC should run for president is that she has a nickname — AOC.

A House Democratic staffer told me the other day that “ACO” was a good example of something, and I knew exactly who she meant despite the error because there aren’t any other members of Congress who have widely recognized nicknames that you would just drop into casual conversation.

And how can we let a silly, antiquated thing like the Constitution stop a young imbecile with a nickname from ascending to our nation’s highest executive office?

It’s silly to arbitrarily rule out one of the most talented players due to age, and tragically non-obvious that political star power can actually last for years and years without dimming. But, of course, the constitutional prohibition will not get changed in time. That, however, is one of the problems with these sorts of limitations — they’re too cumbersome to remove in a timely manner. That’s exactly why we should scrap them as soon as possible.

As soon as possible, you guys. AOC needs to be president, like, yesterday.

She’s neither talented nor smart, but we agree that she’s got no business whatsoever being seriously considered by anyone as presidential material right now.

No kidding.

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