We take no joy in what’s happening to the Weekly Standard and its many excellent writers, but it’s difficult not to feel frustrated by Bill Kristol, whose own standards seem to change on a weekly basis.

Over the weekend, Donald Trump tweeted about attending the Army-Navy game and referred to the players as “HEROES.”

Back when Trump denigrated John McCain’s military service and time spent as a prisoner of war, Kristol rightly called him out for it, criticizing Trump for showing “disrespect for the military.” So why, when Trump says something nice about our military, does Kristol have a problem?

In light of his past comments, one could argue that Trump’s respect for our military is conditional … but how is Kristol any different in that regard?

There it is. Is Kristol not guilty of cheapening things, too? Namely, his own arguments and criticisms?

That’s awfully awkward, Mr. Kristol.

We thought that went without saying, but we were wrong, evidently.

It’s real … and it’s ugly.