We’re pretty sure this wasn’t supposed to be a joke, but it totally is:

Here’s what CNN president Jeff Zucker told David Axelrod on a recent episode of Axelrod’s podcast:

“I think that our job at CNN is to tell the truth,” Zucker said. “The problem is, in this day and age, I do understand that sometimes when you’re pro-truth, it comes off as anti-Trump.”

“In no way should we set out, ever, to be anti-Trump. We should always set out to be pro-truth,” Zucker said. “And all I encourage our shows and our anchors to be, is to hold those in power accountable and tell the truth. If that comes off as anti-Trump, then that’s a byproduct of being pro-truth.”

This f*cking guy.

Think that’s funny? Get a load of this:

Repeating his comments from past interviews, Zucker said CNN rightly covered Trump as a Republican presidential candidate from the get-go, recognizing his disruptive power.

He said CNN made a mistake by televising so many of Trump’s pre-election rallies live, but “I do not believe that’s why he’s president of the United States. A lot of people want to assign that blame to us and to me.”

Nobody’s blaming you for Trump being president, Jeff. But you made it perfectly clear to anyone watching CNN that you were doing your damnedest to ensure that Trump became the GOP nominee. Your attempt to tank his presidential chances and improve your flailing reputation by covering him constantly just happened to backfire on you, is all. That’s why you’re so pissy.

This has nothing to do with being “pro-truth” and everything to do with ratings.



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