Today on “The View,” the panel were discussing the late President George H.W. Bush when Joy Behar steered the conversation to how Donald Trump hates the environment or something. Meghan McCain, for one, thought that was just a tad inappropriate, and she called Behar out for using Bush’s death to take shots at Trump.

And for believing that Bush’s death isn’t an appropriate occasion to bash Trump, McCain’s catching hate:

McCain’s reaction was hardly a meltdown. But she’s a conservative, which means everything’s always her fault.

Yeah … McCain’s not trying to police anyone’s speech. She’s just expecting Behar to show a little respect for Bush’s memory instead of using his death like her own personal soapbox. But hatred for Trump trumps good taste, apparently.


McCain’s not “losing it,” but honestly, we wouldn’t blame her if she were. Sharing a show with partisan harpies who bristle at even a whiff of criticism has got to take its toll.

McCain may be the show’s token Republican, but character-wise, Joy Behar’s got way more in common with Trump than McCain does. Maybe that’s why she’s so pissy all the time; the truth hurts.