What’s worse than Max Boot or Jennifer Rubin? Max Boot and Jennifer Rubin.

This morning, the Washington Post’s resident “conservatives” teamed up to school Jonah Goldberg on Real Science™:

Perversely seeking to maintain ignorance? But enough about you and Max, Jennifer. Jonah Goldberg — an actual conservative — doesn’t have time for your games.

Goldberg can shut them down without even breaking a sweat. And that’s basically what he did:

Or, put another way, sanctimonious blowhards Max Boot and Jennifer Rubin are full of sh*t.

Conservatives like Goldberg can, in fact, acknowledge that science is a thing while simultaneously acknowledging that evidence to support that science is also a thing. But until they buy into the progressive cult, hacks like Boot and Rubin won’t be satisfied.

Or biological sex.

Editor’s note: Here’s the Jonah Goldberg column that Boot was all bent out of shape about. We highly recommend it.

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