Earlier today, National Review editor Rich Lowry called out Joan Walsh for peddling B.S. about Stacey Abrams’ loss to Brian Kemp in the Georgia gubernatorial race:

Here’s how Walsh’s piece begins:

I don’t think National Review’s Rich Lowry is a stupid person, but he asked a deeply stupid question Friday night, after Stacey Abrams ended her campaign to become Georgia’s first black and first female governor with a fiery non-concession speech, which nonetheless acknowledged that Secretary of State Brian Kemp will be the next governor.

So, what was Lowry’s “deeply stupid question”? This:

See anything wrong with Lowry’s tweet? No? That’s probably because you’re not insane. Not only was Walsh shocked by Lowry’s suggestion that Stacey Abrams should follow Martha McSally’s lead and concede with graciousness and dignity, but she couldn’t believe that he’d stoop so low as to use the word “upbraid” with regard to Abrams:

Lowry, rightfully, wasn’t having any of Walsh’s B.S.:

Walsh made a mistake going after Lowry on this. Not just because she’s woefully short on intellectual ammo, but also because she’s apparently suffering from a wicked case of projection-itis:

So, Joan Walsh used “upbraid” — “such an ugly word,” you know — in reference to Ted Cruz, a Cuban-American. By her logic, that would make her a … racist.

Actually, given that she also wrote “What’s the Matter with White People,” the evidence of her racism is substantially more compelling than the evidence of Rich Lowry’s. Whoops.

Best part? Walsh has still got nothing.