In case you missed it, Democratic Congresswoman-elect Ilhan Omar has professed her support for the BDS movement (after tapdancing around the issue while she was running for office):

Omar’s been taking some heat for that, so her pal Linda Sarsour’s swooping in to help her sister-from-another-anti-Semitic-mister out — and Forward opinion editor Batya Ungar-Sargon isn’t quite sure how to process it:

You’re “really, really, really disappointed to see” that Linda Sarsour is exactly what her critics have said she is?

This kind of anti-Semitic garbage is par for the course with Sarsour.

People call her “cockroach” for a reason.

It’s horrific, but it’s not a betrayal. This is who Linda Sarsour has always been.

What a novel idea! No one — no one — should still be defending or making excuses for Linda Sarsour at this point.

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