As Twitchy told you, self-appointed crusader for women Michael Avenatti has reportedly been arrested for domestic violence. Which makes it kinda tough to avoid looking at some of Avenatti’s greatest hits (no pun intended) in a different light.

Like this one, for example, that Charles C.W. Cooke dug up:

Oh dear. As if that weren’t bad enough, how about these?

And then this:

And there’s still plenty more where that came from.


Editor’s note: This post originally stated that Avenatti has been charged with domestic violence against his estranged wife, but TMZ’s report now only refers to an unidentified woman, so we’ve removed mention of the wife. Also, this post has been updated with additional text and tweets. Some tweets have been removed from this post for use in a subsequent post You can read that post here.



Oh geez:

Good thing, too. That should free up time for him to dig himself out of his current mess.