Have you seen this side-by-side comparison of Republican representatives-elect and Democratic representatives-elect? It’s been making the rounds on liberal Twitter and is apparently evidence of the GOP’s hatred of diversity:

It probably won’t surprise you to learn that Alyssa Milano is among the lefties helping to spread it around:

“In all their beauty and diversity.” Right.

Aside from that, though, why are Alyssa et al. so hung up on race and sex?

What a concept! But since Alyssa’s so convinced that race and sex determine merit, why isn’t she also sharing pictures of the Republican women and people of color who have run for Congress? Women like Young Kim?

Meanwhile, Alyssa Milano is holding up women like Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib as paragons of virtue, despite their flagrant anti-Semitism. And that’s after she denounced Women’s March leadership for their anti-Semitism. Are Omar and Tlaib’s skin color and sex more important than what they actually stand for? Alyssa seems to believe that.

What’s particularly frustrating about memes like the one Milano is sharing is that when women or minorities do run for office as Republicans, the Left tears them down as tokens or race- or gender-traitors. Republicans’ problem isn’t that they’re not “diverse” enough; it’s that they’re Republicans. And to the Left, that’s unforgivable.

Liberals don’t want a “diverse” GOP; they want a monopoly on minorities.