The MSM has been pretty diligent about shining a spotlight on bigotry and anti-Semitism emanating from the Far Right — as they should. But when it comes to the Far Left, they only seem to have enough time to look the other way. Why is that?

Congresswoman-elect Ilhan Omar, who’s straight outta the Louis Farrakhan School of Anti-Semitism, has a history of peddling anti-Israel and anti-Semitic garbage. Remember this gem from 2012?

Over the weekend, Omar also came out in support of the anti-Israel BDS movement:

Omar’s got a lot to answer for. But she doesn’t want to answer for any of it.

Why aren’t journalists trying harder to hold Omar accountable for what she says? Is there any doubt that if she were a Republican, they’d be breathing down her neck?

As Washington Examiner Magazine executive editor Seth Mandel points out, the MSM’s overall reluctance to shine a lot on liberal and Democratic anti-Semitism actually shines a pretty blinding light on the MSM themselves:

And it’s very, very ugly.

It is depressing. Because while it’s not our media’s job to run cover for certain political candidates, that seems to be pretty much all they’re interested in doing these days. Meanwhile, anti-Semitism isn’t just tolerated by the political Left; it’s wholeheartedly embraced. And the media, who fancy themselves crusaders for truth and justice, don’t seem terribly concerned at all.