CNN’s Jim Acosta was already well on his way to martyrdom when the White House revoked his press pass following yesterday’s incident with a Trump staffer who tried to take the mic from him after he refused to yield the floor to his colleagues.

Now, he’s even more obnoxious than usual, and CNN is only too eager to give him all the mic time he needs. They won’t interrupt him … not even to correct a blatant falsehood:

In case you need a refresher on exactly what happened:

Call us crazy, but it’s pretty clear that Acosta indeed put his hands on her. Was that assault? No. But he definitely touched her. Now, why would CNN leave that out?

Fair question. They certainly don’t seem to.

Honestly, we might be able to muster up at least a shred of respect for Acosta and CNN if they’d just admit that yes, Acosta screwed up and engaged in conduct unbecoming of a White House reporter. But they won’t, so we can’t.



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