Looks like Andrew Gillum’s not done ‘splaining himself:

More from Politico:

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum was visiting potential campaign donors to talk about his run for governor when he used an official Tallahassee mayor’s office expense account to pay for a private flight that ferried him there, according to documents released Monday.

Gillum paid for the Feb. 12, 2016, round-trip flight from Tallahassee to St. Pete-Clearwater International Airport with an official mayor’s office expense account, the Tallahassee Democrat reported last year. The newspaper quoted Gillum’s mayoral office spokesman Jamie Van Pelt saying Gillum took the trip on official city business of talking withTampa affordable-housing developer PeterLeach about wraparound social services in schools and housing developments. Gillum also found time to meet with high-profile Democrats like Alex Sink and now-Rep. Charlie Crist (D-Fla.), Van Pelt had said.

However, the newly released records provided by the lawyer of former Gillum ally Adam Corey under a subpoena issued as part of an investigation by the Florida Commission on Ethics indicate the flight was expressly for Gillum to meet with potential donors to his gubernatorial campaign. Gillum’s 2014 mayoral campaign finance reports show he had moved $10,000 to his official mayoral office account about the time he won the local office in 2014. State law restricts use of the account to only official city business.

Uh-oh …

Needless to say, Gillum’s white knights aren’t happy about this. No, not the part about Gillum possibly breaking the law. They’re fine with that. What’s really got them upset is Politico reporting on it:

A perfectly fine candidate who blames racism for his bad judgment rather than accept responsibility for it.

That’s not a defense. Don’t they want their governor to be *better* than Trump?



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