And you thought you’d heard the last from the Lady Ghostbusters. Think again!

Melissa McCarthy, who starred in the film, is clearly still bitter that no one wanted to see the colossal flop. Naturally, she’s blaming sexism:

More from Yahoo! Entertainment:

When Melissa McCarthy signed on for the 2016 reboot of Ghostbustersshe had no idea what kind of ridiculous backlash awaited her. As someone who doesn’t use email and avoids social media, the Oscar-nominated actress was unprepared for the virulent opposition to the female-centric film from a certain all-male sector of the internet. Two years later, she’s still baffled by it. Speaking to Yahoo Entertainment while promoting her drama Can You Ever Forgive Me?McCarthy looked back on the strange campaign to sink Ghostbusters.

“I just don’t know why people are so afraid of women. It’s fascinating to me,” McCarthy told Yahoo Entertainment.

It’s fascinating to us that she thinks that take is anything but garbage.

Seriously. Nobody’s afraid of women. They’re just afraid of wasting their money on two hours of their lives they can never get back.

Truly want women to be liberated? Stop blaming sexism for all your problems.