As Twitchy told you earlier, Michael Avenatti’s 2020 aspirations officially went up in smoke when he told TIME that the 2020 Democratic presidential nominee “better be a white male.” Except he didn’t really say that. At least he expects us to believe he didn’t say that:

More from the Daily Caller:

Yet when asked for clarification by [the Daily Caller News Foundation], Avenatti denied ever making such comments entirely. Avenatti even first expressed confusion about the existence of such a profile altogether.

“I never said that, that’s complete bulls**t. That’s my comment, complete bullsh**t,” he said.

After a DCNF reporter proceeded to read his alleged comments back to him, Avenatti again denied ever saying such things.

El. Oh. El.

If Avenatti doesn’t expose himself first.

Michael Avenatti is his own worst enemy.

The only real downside to his self-destructive tendencies is that when he inevitably fades into obscurity,we won’t get to watch him self-destruct anymore.