As Twitchy told you earlier, CNN’s Oliver Darcy complained that Fox News’ Martha MacCallum didn’t push back against a guest who suggested that the recent bomb scares could be a false flag:

The irony of Darcy’s beef with MacCallum was not lost on a lot of people, considering that Darcy works at CNN. But aside from the pot-kettle thing, others also pointed out that Darcy mischaracterized MacCallum’s segment:

It seems Montel Williams took a page from Oliver Darcy’s book, because he also tried to shame MacCallum:

For what it’s worth, Martha MacCallum doesn’t seem to be terribly concerned about disappointing Montel Williams. She pushed right back:




Well, guys, apparently we’re “getting hysterical”:

Does Montel know what “hysterical” means? Because we do, and there’s no hysteria to be found in our post. But you do you, Montel.