Ever since DNA analysis revealed Elizabeth Warren to be the fraud we’ve always known her to be, the media have been working overtime to excuse Fauxcahontas’ deception Make Cultural Appropriation Great Again.

Slate, you’re up:

Slate’s Isaac Chotiner spoke with National Review’s David French about conservatives’ response to Warren’s embarrassing DNA test self-own:

Isaac Chotiner: Why do you think people on the right are angry about Warren’s release of her test results?

David French: I would say there are some voices that are angry. I think it was much more mockery, to be honest. I think that it was mockery on a couple of fronts. One was the idea that Elizabeth Warren had vindicated her decision in any way to hold herself out as Native American by releasing those DNA test results, which demonstrate that her Native American heritage is really far removed, I mean so far removed that the idea that you would tell a legal directory that you’re Native American is just ridiculous.

There was mockery that that would in any way vindicate her, followed by hard-on-heels mockery at media outlets reporting it as vindication. I think that was the dominant strain of it. I don’t think it was fury. Maybe some, but I think the dominant strain was this was an “own goal.” This was ridiculous, and this is something that the media would never fall for if a Republican did the same thing.

So … where’s this “anger” we’re supposed to have seen? French acknowledges the mockery — and the reasons for the mockery — without hesitation. But anger? Come on. Chotiner fails to make the case that “the right” is seething over Warren’s lies. Probably because they’re not seething; they’re just laughing.


Oh well. At least Slate’s got this going for them:

Indeed. Points for creativity. Solid B+.

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