As Twitchy told you, over the weekend, Taylor Swift answered the Left’s prayers by finally breaking her political silence and endorsing Democratic Senate candidate Phil Bredesen (who said he’d’ve voted to confirm Brett Kavanaugh, incidentally). Also over the weekend, astronaut Scott Kelly sent a tweet featuring a quote from Winston Churchill:

… And after facing a lefty backlash, he apologized for it:

Both Swift and Kelly are cautionary tales about the dangers of caving to the leftist mob. And we can’t quite believe we’re saying this, but Piers Morgan’s take on their cowardice is pretty damn spot-on:

Morgan writes:

Taylor Swift should have simply said: ‘I’m not apologising for keeping my counsel about politics. I respect everyone’s right to free political speech, just as I expect people to respect my right not to express political speech.’

Scott Kelly should have said: ‘I’m not apologising for quoting one of the greatest men the world has seen, and a man who stood shoulder-to-shoulder with America to defeat Adolf Hitler.’

Instead, they both gave the Twitter mob their souls on a supine, guilt-and-fear-laden plate and I bet they will both live to regret it.

We live in very strange, dangerous world now where traditional democratic debate based on mutual respect for alternate views has been replaced by furiously indignant self-righteousness.

Anyone who doesn’t share the PC-crazed, virtue-signalling Twitter mob view must be instantly hounded and crushed into simpering white flag pulp.

And, as Morgan points out:

What these shrieking trolls don’t seem to have yet learned is that the more they do this, the stronger the support for PC-averse populists like Trump becomes.

Bingo. You should really read the whole thing.