As Twitchy told you, shocking absolutely no one, Dianne Feinstein has decided that Friday would be “too soon” to hold a vote on Brett Kavanaugh. But believe it or not, she still had more of the game left to give up:

You think so, do you, Dianne?

Now why on earth would Dianne Feinstein want to keep the FBI’s conclusions from the public?

Yeah, we get that sense, too.



Feinstein and the Democrats really do think we’re stupid.


Now would be great.



Worth noting:

And that’s fine that only senators will be able to see it. It doesn’t, however, change the larger point point that Dianne Feinstein is a liar and a hypocrite: She’s all about transparency, except when she isn’t. Her desire to postpone the vote further, coupled with her B.S. about wanting to keep the investigation “closely held,” presents powerful evidence that she and Democrats just aren’t interested in justice or the truth.