A barrage of unsubstantiated accusations have thus far failed to sink Brett Kavanaugh, but that might be about to change:

That’s a rock-solid allegation if ever we’ve seen one. Well, Brett Kavanaugh had better just pack it in now. No way he comes back from that.

No, no! The FBI should totally investigate. The vote on Kavanaugh’s confirmation should be postponed indefinitely. It’s the only way to really be sure.

That’s because it is a joke. This whole thing has been one colossal joke.

Honestly, the GOP couldn’t ask for a better messenger than Tad Low. He really epitomizes the Democrats’ desperation.

Needless to say, Senate Judiciary Chair Chuck Grassley isn’t having any of Chris Coons’ stunt, thank you very much:

We’re with Grassley.

No, but we heard that Tad Low did stay at a Holiday Express last night.

Because the Democrats aren’t serious people.

Same, Sen. Grassley.

It sure is. But in the midst of our fatigue, we can’t help but wonder what Jeff Flake is thinking right about now.

Bat those lashes, Jeff Flake.