Where are our pearls? Somebody fetch us our pearls, dammit! We must clutch them. Because the Associated Press has dug up some pretty shocking dirt on Brett Kavanaugh:

More from the AP:

But [Mark Judge’s] writings make it abundantly clear that heavy drinking was a routine part of the social fabric. In one of his works, he describes Georgetown Prep as “positively swimming in alcohol.”

Parts of Judge’s recollection appear to match up with Kavanaugh’s own yearbook entry. Judge writes that his senior class pledged to consume 100 kegs of beer. Kavanaugh’s yearbook page from his senior year contains the entry: “Keg City Club (Treasurer) — 100 Kegs or Bust.” One of his highlighted quotes is “Down the Hatch!”

Judge also details Beach Week, an annual drunken vacation of private school pals. Area private schools all finished the year a week earlier than the public schools. So the students — male and female — headed to Ocean City, Maryland, for what Judge describes as a non-stop party. Kavanaugh’s yearbook page describes himself as a member of the “Beach Week Ralph Club.”

Dear God. It’s worse than we thought.

It’s almost as the AP has no shame whatsoever. But that couldn’t possibly be it … could it?

This … is the AP.

Parting food — or drink — for thought:

No kidding.



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