Stop the presses, everybody! MSNBC has finally found the Brett Kavanaugh Smoking Gun:

Better just forget about the hearing and throw Kavanaugh in prison right now. Just to be safe.

And ruin Elizabeth Warren’s opportunity to participate in what looks with each passing day like a coordinated smear campaign? Pffft! She’s getting in on this come hell or high water.

And based on that tweet, hell will come first. Good Lord.

No, it’s not “basically a confession.” It’s nothing but yet another desperate attempt by a Democrat to brand Brett Kavanaugh a sexual predator without bothering with due process.

More than pathetic; it’s dishonest. And it’s shameful.

Elizabeth Warren is an absolute disgrace.

Here we are.

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Truth and context be damned!

And here’s Politico, too:

And Jim Acosta:

Mission accomplished.