If Christine Blasey Ford wants to be taken seriously as a whistleblower on Brett Kavanaugh’s alleged sexual predation, she’s already put herself at a major disadvantage by choosing Debra Katz to be her lawyer:

More from the Daily Caller:

Katz said on CNN on Monday that investigators should be responsible for proving Christine Blasey Ford’s claim that Kavanaugh held her down and drunkenly groped her while at a party in high school.

During the interview, Katz revealed that there was another girl present at the party, which allegedly took place in 1982 while Kavanaugh was attending Georgetown Prep. Ford previously told the Washington Post that there were four boys at the party but never indicated if there were other girls beside herself.

[Alisyn] Camerota asked if Ford has tried to talk to any of the other partygoers to see if they will corroborate her story, but Katz declined to place the burden of proof on her client.

“That’s not her job to do that. If this is going to be investigated, it should be done by investigators,” Katz asserted.

And how, pray tell, are “investigators” supposed to prove Ford’s case when the alleged attempted rape was supposed to have happened several decades ago and there’s no forensic evidence of any kind?

What is Katz even talking about?

No kidding.

We thought that went without saying.