Dana Perino and Candace Owens were panelists last night on FNC’s “The Next Revolution with Steve Hilton.” That’s where Candace Owens suggested that the New York Times had written the now-infamous “Resistance” op-ed — and where Dana Perino flashed an expression that just said it all:

That face is pretty much the face we make every time Candace Owens starts talking. Thus far, we’ve seen very little evidence that Owens really knows what she’s talking about.


So yeah, it makes total sense for Perino to be skeptical of Owens.

We feel you, Dana.

Owens doesn’t deserve to be attacked for being a black “conservative,” but she sure as hell deserves to get called out when she says something awful or does something shady, both of which happen on a regular basis.



Parting question:

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