At his confirmation hearing today, SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh reiterated his belief that “no one is above the law”:

Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh declared Wednesday that “no one is above the law in our Constitution,” including the executive branch, as the second day of his confirmation hearing began. But he declined to say whether a president should be forced to respond to a subpoena.

“Under our system of government, the Executive Branch is subject to the law, subject to the court system, and that’s an important part of Federalist 69, it’s an important part of the constitutional structure, in general so too we, as judges, are separate from the Congress.
“We are not supposed to be influenced by political pressure from the Executive or from the Congress. We are independent. We make decisions based on law, not based on policy, not based on political pressure, not based on the identity of the parties, no matter who you are in our system, no matter where you come from, no matter how rich you are or how poor you are, no matter your race, your gender, no matter your station in life, no matter your position in government,” he added.
When asked whether a sitting President should be forced to respond to a subpoena, Kavanaugh said, “My understanding is that you’re asking me to give my view on a potential hypothetical, and that is something that each of the eight justices currently sitting on the Supreme Court, when they were sitting in my seat, declined to decide potential hypothetical cases.”
Great answers from Kavanaugh. No wonder Democratic Sen. Brian Schatz can’t come up with a better rebuttal than this:


You know what’s not fair? Crapping on a SCOTUS nominee who hasn’t done anything wrong.

Then you clearly need to get out more.

Allow us to translate: “Hi, I’m Brian Schatz, and I’m a fraud and a blowhard.”



Schatz would do well to take this advice: