We’re assuming we aren’t supposed to roll our eyes or laugh at this, but, well, we just can’t help ourselves:

Vox’s Laura McGann writes:

Ocasio-Cortez pulled off an incredible political achievement, she’s been courted by candidates nationwide who want her endorsement, and her résumé stacks up against the men her age in Congress — but that’s not good enough.

Research in science, business, and many other fields has shown again and again that when women go for a job, they’re held to a higher standard than the men around them. Ocasio-Cortez’s critics are acting out the same story in politics. In a town where male politicians are allowed to get policy facts wrong without losing credibility, Ocasio-Cortez’s mistakes are held up as evidence that she’s not up to the task.

Well, Laura, to be fair, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is not up to the task. Because she’s an idiot. Her “mistakes” aren’t just mistakes; they’re irrefutable evidence of her painful economic and political illiteracy.

And speaking of moronic, how about this bit:

This isn’t an argument to hold members of Congress to a lower standard. We should scrutinize their ideas and their plans and question whether they should represent us. But we shouldn’t use that standard for some candidates like Ocasio-Cortez and give a pass to men who we think look the part of a politician, like tall, blue-eyed Paul Ryan.

OK, let’s talk about Paul Ryan. Weekly Standard freelancer Jeryl Bier has some flashbacks:

It’s Vox.

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