In case you missed it, in the wake of Sen. John McCain’s death, Donald Trump did not issue a proclamation extending the period for flags to be flown at half-staff.

Trump’s action — or inaction, as it were — comes across as petty and vindictive. Which is pretty much his M.O. That said, it’s really been something to see how the Left has behaved after McCain’s death. Suddenly, they’re all about patriotism and defending McCain’s character, both of which they spent years maligning. Not because they have genuine respect for our country or for John McCain, but to spite Trump.

Take ABC News chief political analyst Matthew Dowd, for instance. This morning, he decided to teach Trump a lesson about the meaning of honor and patriotism:

And that meaning is evidently: “Look what an honorable and patriotic man I am. Donald Trump is a childish narcissist, unlike me, who’s so stunning and brave.”

Matthew is so stunning and brave, he’s retweeting all the people praising him:

There’s more where that came from. Because of course there is.

Donald Trump is using his position to settle a personal score with McCain, which is absolutely pathetic. But Dowd using McCain’s death to snipe at Trump — and pat himself on the back — is pretty damn pathetic, too. If Dowd ever stops singing his own praises, maybe he’ll realize that he’s not so different from Donald Trump after all.