Candace Owens doesn’t deserve to be shamed for being a self-described black conservative … but she sure as hell deserves to be shamed for this.

Last night, Owens pointed out that many on the Left seem to be more concerned with illegal immigrants being separated from their children at the border than with illegal immigrants who commit crimes. A fair point, on its face:

But this tweeter, who claims she is a second cousin of Mollie Tibbetts, was upset with Owens for what she saw as politicizing Tibbetts’ murder:

Believe it or not, Candace, you can acknowledge that illegal immigration is a serious problem in this country without shaming a supposed family member of a woman who was murdered by an alleged illegal immigrant.

Then maybe keep your confusion to yourself, Candace.

Come on, Candace.


Exactly. For what it’s worth:

In any event, to lecture what you believe to be a grieving member of a dead woman’s family about where their outrage should be directed is straight-up classless and crass.

Apparently Candace is unfamiliar with the expression “Quit while you’re behind.”

Editor’s note: This post has been updated with additional text and tweets.



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