As Twitchy told you yesterday, the guys behind the “anti-racist” @RacismDog Twitter account recently outed themselves as flaming racists when they complained about the “large platforms” of black conservatives like Candace Owens. But instead of doing some much-needed introspection about their own racism, “B” decided instead to double down:

This should be good.

Newsflash: It’s possible to debate Owens’ sincerity without impugning black conservatives as a whole. An actual anti-racist would understand that.

The expression “quit while you’re behind” was tailor-made for this guy.

And what’s it to you if she does? She doesn’t speak for all black conservatives, just as you — thank goodness — don’t speak for all white liberals.

“Some of them do have moments of enlightenment.” Wow. How generous!




Blue check lib calls Obianuju Ekeocha “a joke of a Black person.” It doesn’t end well for him