Last month, we told you about Chris Hayes and Ian Millhiser clutching their pearls over a Washington Post opinion piece about SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh being a good man.

Yesterday, WaPo’s Seung Min Kim tweeted out the piece again:

Seems like a pretty good guy.

What’s funny is that the same people decrying Trump’s lack of decency are outraged that Kavanaugh’s being shown to be a genuinely decent man.

A lot of the pushback against Kavanaugh has to do with abortion:

Kavanaugh’s decency is irrelevant because if he’s confirmed, fewer unborn babies would be murdered. That’s really what they’re going with.

As Twitchy told you yesterday, Planned Parenthood Action Fund is launching a six-figure anti-Kavanaugh ad campaign. Clearly they’re frightened. He represents everything they hate: Fatherhood and concern for young women’s welfare.