MSNBC’s Chris Hayes and ThinkProgress’ Ian Millhiser are furious at the Washington Post over an op-ed on Judge Brett Kavanaugh titled, “I don’t know Kavanaugh the judge. But Kavanaugh the carpool dad is one great guy.

Hayes wrote, “I legit can’t believe this got published”…

…while Millhiser thinks, “Every single person responsible for that piece about Kavanaugh the carpool dad being published in a major newspaper should be required to personally apologize to every single person who read it or learned about it”:

Apologize for what? Here’s an excerpt from the op-ed that has them freaking out:

Brett’s friendship and mentorship have touched my family in an especially personal way. A few years ago, my husband died. One of the many difficult aspects of that loss was that my daughter had no one to accompany her to the school’s annual father-daughter dance. That first year — and every year since my husband’s passing — Brett has stepped forward to take my daughter to the dance alongside his own.

Got that? A widow wrote an op-ed and shared her personal family tragedy with America and Hayes and Millhiser think it’s something awful:

Nothing is wrong with it. It’s the kind of commentary that surrounds every SCOTUS nominee. Like when Chris Hayes told everyone Elena Kagan is “the sister of my favorite teacher ever”:

See help, guys. This isn’t a normal reaction to a story:

And it is Hayes and Millhiser who owe this woman an apology, not the other way around:

Editor’s note: We’ve corrected a typo.