We’re not sure what Sarah Jeong did to merit the kind of white-knighting she’s been getting, but SJWs are determined to protect her from any semblance of criticism.

Elizabeth Williamson is a features writer at the New York Times. She recently shared an opinion piece written by Bret Stephens about Jeong, prefacing it with this: “Here’s @BretStephensNYT offering a classy welcome to a colleague who has yet to prove she deserves one.”

And you’ll never guess what happened next:

According to The Wrap, “an outraged mob of Jeong defenders swiftly swarmed the tweet, generating hundreds of comments.” And now, Williamson’s tweet is gone, replaced by — what else? — an apology:

Was Williamson caving to the outrage mob or the New York Times?

A rep for the New York Times did not immediately respond to request for comment on the matter. As a features writer, it is unclear whether Williamson, who was hired in March, is bound by the Times’ strict social media guidelines which forbid journalists from expressing opinions on the issues they cover.

“In social media posts, our journalists must not express partisan opinions, promote political views, endorse candidates, make offensive comments or do anything else that undercuts The Times’s journalistic reputation,” read one of the guidelines made public by the Times. “Our journalists should be especially mindful of appearing to take sides on issues that The Times is seeking to cover objectively.”

Maybe she was caving to both. In any event, one thing’s for sure:


Ah, but the mob would beg to differ:

That’s what Williamson gets for her troubles.

Elizabeth Williamson should’ve just taken a page from Jeong’s book:

Oh well. Live and learn!