While Sarah Jeong’s over there throwing a pity party for herself after being confronted by past racist tweets, maybe she should take a few minutes to think about another victim of the online mob who was actually fired for supposedly problematic old tweets: Kevin Williamson.

Williamson himself agrees with that:

Williamson writes:

I assume that the editors of the Times knew exactly who and what Jeong was when they hired her. If not, then it isn’t Jeong who needs to be fired — it’s the negligent people who hired her.

If, on the other hand, the Times is more or less satisfied with Jeong, then it should resist the social-media mob campaign to have her dismissed. It is up to institutions to hold the line against mass hysteria and the mob mentality of social media. I don’t know much of anything about James Gunn, the director fired from the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise for making a bunch of ghastly jokes, but I do know that Marvel Studios can and should say: “We’ll hire who we want.” Marvel and the New York Times have the resources and the standing to stand up to this kind of social-media scalp collecting: All they need is the guts. I hope the Times has enough. Berkeley didn’t. ABC didn’t. Google didn’t. A few book publishers I can think of haven’t.

I’ve heard some people on the right say, “If Kevin Williamson has to get fired by the Atlantic, then Sarah Jeong has to get fired by the New York Times.” The Times can hire and fire whomever it likes — but not in my name. I’m sure that many of the people invoking my experience are well-meaning friends, but I’ll thank them to leave me out of this.

Williamson has every right to be vindictive and bitter. But instead, he recognizes the dangers posed by the online Thought Police Brigade.

Jeong and the online mob — across the political spectrum — could learn a lot from Williamson.

Williamson doesn’t just talk the talk; he walks the walk. Which is a lot more than others can say.

Hypocrisy’s not a good look on anyone. Kudos to Kevin Williamson for refusing to wear it on himself.