As Twitchy told you, NBC News’ Ken Dilanian got his panties in a massive knot over Donald Trump’s decision to call on Daily Caller reporter Saagar Enjeti today. Because apparently the mark of a Real Journalist™ is to crap on a reporter for having the gall to not work for a legacy media outlet.

Well anyway, Dilanian’s protests succeeded in that he got the attention he was so desperately craving. Attention from people like Katie Pavlich, who couldn’t help but remark on the hollowness of Dilanian’s beef with Enjeti:

Pavlich was spot-on, of course. Which is why Dilanian apologized for behaving like such a d-bag and acknowledged that Enjeti’s question was a good one.

Just kidding! He did this instead:

Brave Firefighter Not Brave Enough to Face His Own Shortcomings. News at 11.


Somehow, some way, she’ll pick up the pieces and move on.